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Last Updated September 1, 2023 in Kitchen

Pop Up Countertop outlets are a great addition to any kitchen. They make charging devices and using appliances easy and safe by having all ports confined into one central hub. 

We run through our top 5 choices for pop up kitchen worktop outlets and help you to narrow down your options and purchase the best socket for your requirements.

Looking at the most stylish outlet, best for price and the best water resistant outlets on the market. Highlighting why each is best to help you choose the best pop-up outlet for your home.

1. Redcomets Automatic outlet with Bluetooth

1 Best features – Rating 5

Redcomets Automatic Popup countertop outlet with Built-in Bluetooth wireless charging station 3 x AC Outlets. 18W Wireless fast charging is compatible with most mobile phones. IP65 waterproof – Touch control and child safety lock.

Design & FeatureRedcomets have managed to design a popup outlet that can accommodate any home. Combining multiple features in one small device is nothing more than genius. Charge your mobile device whilst cooking and listening to music all at the same time! This popup outlet even has an LED night lamp with brightness control and rest assured as this is waterproof, so no need to worry about any spillage.

Child safety lock – This is one of the best mindful features for this outlet. Be reassured that children can’t harm themselves with this device. Simply just hold the power button down for 7 seconds to release the locked-down outlet.

Wireless Charging Pad – 18W wireless fast charging, which is compatible with most mobile phones on the market. Multitasking is this product’s middle name, providing a multitude of features to ease everyday stresses all in one place!

Over all a fantastic device with great features a must have for any home looking for an all-in-one solution for all your countertop needs.

2 Zeshan Automatic White Retractable Pop Up Countertop Outlet

#2 Most stylish – Rating 4.8

Zeshan Automatic White Retractable Pop Up Power Outlets With Wireless Charging For All Worktops and Offices – 2 x US Plugs – 2x USB Ports – Wireless 10W Charging Pad. 2 Type-C Charging for home, kitchen and office.

Attention to detail – Zeshan pop up outlet has thought of everything whilst designing this outlet. This is a double-sided automatic pop up outlet that is perfectly accessible for any workstation or countertop. 

Automatic Retractable Socket – By applying a small amount of pressure onto the wireless charging pad, it will begin to retract using the inbuilt hydraulics, returning back to its sleek and stylish hidden ways.

Wireless Charging Pad – This limitless charging system provides second to none effortlessly charging to any device that is fitted with Qi-enable. 

The Zeshan outlet is a great addition to the home and will solve unsightly wire issues, keeping everything compact and in one small space.

3 Bryant Electric Tamper & Water Resistant Retractable Pop-Up outlet Countertop Power Outlet

Bryant Automatic Retractable Pop Up Power Outlets For All Countertops – 1 x US Standard Plug – Water Resistant – Permanent installation ready.


#3 Best for Water Resistant – Rating 4.5

Automatic Retractable Surface or Flush Mount – The overall aesthetics of this product is outstanding – coming in seven different finishes means there’s a finish for everyone’s taste. It allows for perfect positioning in any part of your home. It’s neat and tidy with a single power out, taking up minimal space on the countertop and underneath and available in surface or flush mount options.

The socket being retractable means that it only needs to be out when you need it!

Water Resistant – Bryant pop up outlet is not only tamper-resistant but has the advantage of also being water resistant. This has been tested using a gallon of liquid spilled on the device. By far, the feature on this outlet, especially if there are concerns about having this device close to a sink. 

Easy Installation – Once ordered and delivered, simply drop in and tighten in your desired position. All installation instructions are provided within the product once received. 

4 Kung Fu King Pop up Countertop Outlet 5W Wireless Charging

#4 Best Value – Rating 4.3 

Kun Fu King  Automatic Pop up Outlet with 5W Wireless Charging pad compatible with iPhone & Galaxy. Ideal for Kitchen countertops, Hidden outlets, Tower Desks, Power outlets, 3 standard US Outlets, 2 USB Ports, 5.3 FT Power Cable.

Easy To Install and Use – Choose a place to install, then cut out a 4-inch diameter hole on the countertop or in your preferred area for installation. Remove the lock ring and fit it into the body from the top. Allow at least 15 inches underneath the required areas of installation. Sit back and enjoy your clutterless space.

Multiple Charging Ports – A great advantage to this device is not only do you get 3 plug outlets included, but you also get 2 smart charging technology USB ports 5V/2.1A. 

With smart charging, there is no need to fret, as once your device is connected to the wire, the tower will auto-detect your device and provide the safest and fastest method of charging.  Please note this power outlet can’t support high-powered electrical appliances, for example, Microwaves and air conditioning units.

Wireless Charging Surface – With this easy-to-use charging pad, you can charge up your phone, as long as it supports Qi standard, effortlessly! Being 3.7 inches wide is an ideal size for your phone.

Modern Materials – The Pop Outlet’s outer casing is made of aluminum alloy and the interior of the socket is made of plastic. This outlet is durable and super stylish, too. 

5. Link2home pop up countertop outlet 

#5 Cheapest – Rating 4

Neat and Modern Design – Stainless steel metal top, which is Modern, Stylish and Sophisticated. The pop-up and retractable feature is smooth and sleek with a quality finish. Cook safely in the knowledge that this outlet is spillage-proof. Get access to sockets as and when you need them with this neat and compact outlet. 

Compact  – This socket will sink only 3.9 inches beneath your countertop, taking very little space from your cupboard below. The usage of 1 plug outlet to power a gadget and 2 USB outlets solves the problems of a restriction in sockets in your countertop areas. 

Easy Installation – All installation instructions are provided within the product once received. A hole of a diameter of 4 inches is required with this pop up outlet.

The Perfect Tool For the Job – Research and development have been a large investment for Link 2 Home Space saver when creating this retractable pop-up outlet.

In doing so, they have been able to produce something that is elegant in design but also gives you maximum output with minimal consumption.

There are many different products on the market for Pop up countertop outlets; these have become very popular as a space saver for many homes. Helping to ease the hassle of unsightly cords and unnecessary wall outlets. 

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