Neff Induction Hob T48FD23X2 Review

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The Quick Verdict

This is one of my best purchases ever made, it just keeps on surprising me.

After doing an extensive amount of research on this Induction Hob before I purchased it, I can honestly say, I made the right decision. It completely won me over with the combi induction feature. 

We enjoy entertaining frequently and need a hob that could withstand many pans and would join two hotplates to accommodate larger pans. This hob ticked all the boxes for us.

Overall Rating: 
5/5 stars





  • Creates larger cooking zone
  • Stylish
  • Effortless control
  • Free pans
  • Good value for money
  • Pan recognition
  • 5 burner
  • Fast to heat up
  • Easy to care for and clean


  • None as of yet
Neff Induction Hob T48FD23X2 with 2 pans

The Neff Induction Hob is very sleek and modern with fantastic features. The control panel is plain and simple to use, creating a great cooking experience. This is very quick to heat up, saving time on cooking and of course, money.

The CombiZone feature allows you to join cooking zones from 2 different rings.

Using the automatic pan detector, this model detects the zones that are used. 

When a large pan is detected in the combiZone area, the induction coils heat the whole area, allowing you to cook for the masses. 

The Neff T48FD23X2 has many safety features to prevent accidents from happening, giving you the reassurance needed at cooking times.

The child lock safety feature is especially useful if you have young children who like to press every single button in the house. This function will lock the appliance, which then can’t be used until the child lock is deactivated. Neff have made this function very simple to use - check out my article on how to unlock a Neff Induction hob.

Design and Features of the Neff Induction Hob T48FD23X2

  • Lower energy consumption
  • CombiZone
  • LED timer each zone
  • Frameless
  • 5 Cooking zone
  • Automatic pan recognition
  • Keep warm 

How to clean a Neff Induction Hob T48FD23X2

I found cleaning this induction hob very simple and effortless. Steer clear of using harsh cleaning products on your induction hob as this could potentially be damaging for the surface which is made from glass.

Extra care should be taken whilst cleaning. Using a chlorine based product will permanently stain your hob, avoid using scourers and ensure your cloth is clean and grit free before attempting to clean.

I’ve put together a simple but effective cleaning guide to help you on your way!

  • First, lock your control panel.
  • Remove stubborn food particles using warm soapy water with microfibre cloth. Do not use a scourer as this will scratch your hob.
  • Once all the stubborn food particles have been removed, wipe off the soapy residue with warm water and a microfibre cloth.
  • To finally add the shine back to the hob, lightly spray with a window cleaner and gently shine clean with a dry microfiber cloth or tissue roll.

 Tips and products to use to keep your induction hob clean:

  • Silicone cooktop hob protector
  • Daily cleaning regime
  • Wipe spillages immediately 
  • Invest in a microfibre cloth
  • Faux Chamois leather cloth
  • Heat resistant drip pad
Interested in more cleaning tips and recommended cleaning products? Have a look  at my dedicated blog to cleaning induction hobs.

How to use Neff Induction Hob T48FD23X2

The Neff induction hob doesn’t just look the part, it’s really easy to use. The control panel is simplistic, with only 10 controls, including the temperature control.

The main switch is located to the left which switches the hob on and off. An audible signal with sound when the hob is on:

  1. Select the zone/hotplate using   symbol.
  2. Touch the + or - within 10 seconds

The following basic settings appear:

  • Symbol: 9 heat setting
  • Symbol: 4 heat setting

Heat setting 1 = Lowest setting

Heat setting 2 = Highest setting

Every heat setting has an intermediate setting - this is marked with a dot.

Neff induction hob symbols



Wipe protection

Childproof lock

Keep warm function

Heat settings

Timer function

Kitchen Timer

PowerBoost function

Touching a function activates the associated function.

Functions of  Neff Induction Hob T48FD23X2

The neff induction hob certainly has made an impression with these extra functions, helping to make cooking more pleasurable and less of a necessity.

The PowerBoost function enables faster boiling than the highest setting 9, making cooking less of a chore when you are in a rush. This function allows you to speed up cooking times by nearly 50%, an absolute saviour when you have forgotten to put the potatoes on.

Tip - Occasionally, the PowerBoost function can switch off automatically - use this function when other hotplates are not in use in the same group.

The ‘move’ function is great and allows you to follow recipes easily. It's used frequently in my home to cook peppercorn sauce.

I would be lost without this function, it gives you the flexibility to move your pans at certain times whilst cooking, assisting really well to reduce the sauce to a lovely consistency through having the freedom of using another hotplate.

The ‘keep warm’ function is perfect for melting butter or chocolate. It doesn't catch the bottom of the pan and enables food to be kept at the right temperature to be warm.

It’s really easy to activate and a great function for this appliance; it also saves time on cleaning pans. Using this function whilst cooking will come in handy whilst cooking multiple dishes - when one dish is ready, activate the L symbol and the warm function will save your dish from overcooking.

Specifications of the Neff Induction Hob T48FD23X2

Automatic Safety shut off


Control panel position 


Control panel lock


Fuel Type 


Control type 


Child safety lock


Electrical Connection 

Requires a qualified electrician 

Total connected load (kW)




Number of hotplates/zones






How does the Neff Induction Hob T48FD23X2  compare against other brands?

Neff has been making ovens since 1877 - there is no surprise they know what they are doing, starting with the first coal stove in a cottage in Germany. In the 1950’s, Neff introduced some new innovations - the induction hob, the microwave and the Arcus stove. 

Carl Neff has anticipated customers' needs and improved his products over the years - this certainly has been validated with the induction hob. Neff is part of the Bosch group who have been a well known brand producing top end appliances since 1886.

There are plenty of other popular kitchen appliance brands, such as AEG. AEG was founded in 1883 and by 1975, AEG was the 54th largest industrial company on the global list in the Fortune magazine, three times the size of Electrolux. AEG is a well known German brand within the Electrolux organisation , they merged together in 1994.

After comparing both Induction Hobs before I purchased my Neff, I discovered that it’s not just personal preference of brands. For me, it was about the features and how this could make my cooking experience more enjoyable and easier. 

The Neff induction hob was slightly more expensive than the AEG, but offered so many features that were a necessity for me. Before purchasing, I looked into all the extra features that the Neff Induction Hob T48FD23X2 had to offer and an extendable cooking zone was a need for my home.

Let's Compare…

AEG Induction Hob IKE85431FB

NEFF Induction Hob T48FD23X2

Special feature - 5 Zones

Special feature - 5 Zones

Control type - Touch control 

Control type - Touch control 

Control panel position - Front 

Control panel position - Front 

Control panel Lock - Yes

Control panel Lock - Yes 

Residual heat indicator - Yes

Residual heat indicator - Yes

Residual heat indicator - Yes

Residual heat indicator - Yes

Timer - Yes

Timer - Yes

Integrated appliance - Yes

Integrated appliance - Yes

Keep warm function - No

Keep warm function - Yes

Pan detection - Yes

Pan detection - Yes

Extendable cooking zone - No

Extendable cooking zone - Yes

Panboost - No

Panboost - Yes

Combizone - No

Combizone - Yes

Powermove - No  

Powermove - Yes  

Both these induction hobs are outstanding and offer very similar specifications and features, but the Neff definitely caught my eye as this offered more in terms of functionality.

Whilst comparing these products, I noticed the importance of choosing the right appliance for your home and how the right choices can make a big difference on your cooking. 

My culinary skills have definitely improved since buying this appliance; it has given me so much confidence and satisfaction whilst cooking. Rustling up a feast is far more pleasurable now, with the assistance of Neff induction hob.

Other models of the Neff Induction Hob

If my budget could have stretched a little further, the Neff N90 would have been my first choice. Neff has exceeded my expectations with this appliance offering, TwistPadFire, extended flex induction, power move, power transfer and home connect.

  • TwistPadfire - a removable, magnetic dial that gives you control over all your cooking zones.

  • Extended Flex Induction - One touch of a button to merge cooking zones anywhere on your hob.

  • Power move - Move your pans to adjust the temperature.

  • Power transfer - Recognises your pots size and temperature and automatically, transferring these settings to a new zone.

Whilst this Neff Induction hob wasn’t within my budget, it would make an amazing addition to anyone who is looking for an advanced model and who has the extra budget, it really is well worth the investment.

A quick overview of the Neff Induction Hob T48FD23X2

My decision of a 5* rating is based on this induction hob being easy to use with fantastic functionalities, very sleek and is reasonably priced. It really has ticked all the boxes for what I was expecting from this induction hob. 

I have owned this appliance for 6 months and have been more than satisfied, I would highly recommend it as a new addition to any home.

FAQs about the Neff Induction Hob T48FD23X2

Why buy a Neff Induction Hob T48FD23X2?

This is a sleek and stylish induction hob with impressive features and functions, it would look the part in any kitchen and with its black glass design, this induction hob will blend in well with any style of kitchen and appliances. 

Also, this is super efficient, saving energy and evidently, reducing your electricity costs. It is really well designed and offers safety features, panel control lock for cleaning and childproof lock, giving you reassurance with your children.

The extendable cooking zones makes cooking for a large family a breeze and its stay warm function helps in meal preparation, for those who aren’t home in time for dinner.

Do you need special pans for an induction hob?

Yes, a magnetic pan is required for an induction hob. 

Using a non-magnetic pan your hob simply won’t work - the pan itself generates the heat transferring to the food. 

Neff makes a wide range of pans suitable for all styles of cooking from a basic frying pan to a Teppanyaki grill plate, great for the adventurous cooks.

Neff T48FD23X2

Tips for saving energy - Cooking without a lid will use a lot more energy. Ensure you use the correct size lids to keep saving them pennies. Using little water whilst cooking also saves energy and preserves all the vitamins and minerals in the food.

Do you need an extractor fan with an induction hob?

An extractor fan is recommended to use for any induction hob. 

It’s advisable to have a hood larger than your hob so this extracts vapours and grease, as using a hob without a vent will create a build up of grease on your appliance and furniture; you will also notice lingering food smells after cooking. 

I find some extractor fans can look unsightly - the downdraft extractor will eliminate this issue and can be hidden away when not used. 

There are also pendant style extractors, a great solution for extra space and very easy on the eye.

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