Can You Have HDR and 4K at the Same Time?

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With TV technology advancing day by day and year by year, it is now possible to watch films, programmes and play video games using both 4K and HDR in one.

Through this guide, we will tell you all about using both 4K and HDR and how to get it to work on different sites and consoles.

Can you use HDR and 4K at the same time?

Currently, the best way to use both HDR and 4K is through using HDR10.

Using this hardware will allow you to get the most out of your TV by simultaneously optimizing the contrast of brightness and color depth with the ability to pick out the finer details of the image giving you the best of both worlds.

Can you add HDR to a 4K TV?

For your TV to handle the signals given off from HDR, you need the chips within the TV and the HDMI cable to be 2.0a.

However, in most 4K TVs, the chips within are 1.4a and it is impossible to upgrade your TV to handle the required signal needed for HDR.

How do HDR and 4K work together?

When HDR and 4K are put together, it produces an image which is both sharp, crisp and has the fine details highlighted, as well as providing a dynamic range with color and brightness to create an immersive experience.

Can’t get HDR and 4K to work together on Netflix

You should first make sure that your TV is capable of producing both 4K resolution and using HDR, and also that you are using a 2.0a or higher cable.

Within the settings on the TV, it will be stated where to activate the HDR and/or the 4K.

Once both are activated, make sure that the Netflix account is switched to 4K.

Can’t get HDR and 4K to work together on Windows

It can be quite a tricky process to ensure that your windows PC is using both 4K and HDR display, but once you’ve checked everything is in order, there should be no problem displaying both.

The main problem when it comes to trying to get a specific display is through the actual monitor or TV in use not being able to handle either 4K or HDR.

Sometimes it can be that the cable in use isn’t the correct specification, or that Windows has not been updated to the latest software.

An easy solution is to make sure your PC specs are designed around the needed specs for software, PlayReady 3.0.

Can’t get HDR and 4K to work together on PS5

The first thing to make sure when it comes to using 4K HDR with your PS5 is if your TV has the ability to support both HDR and 4K.

If you are using a soundbar or any sort of speaker to the PS5 as well as the TV, this could interrupt the signals which won’t allow you to fully reap the rewards of using both 4K and HDR; so make sure to directly connect the PS5 into the TV.

Can’t get HDR and 4K to work together on Xbox Series X

Microsoft have announced that through the new Xbox Series X, you will be able to play and stream using both 4K resolution and HDR display.

When you first set up your Xbox, it won’t be the automatic settings that both 4K and HDR are being displayed; you will have to go through the settings within the console.

To do this:

  1. Go to profile

  2. System

  3. Settings

  4. General

  5. Choose TV and display options

  6. Under the advance column, choose video fidelity and overscan

  7. When in the display column, make sure that auto-detect is selected as when HDMI is manually selected, 4K will not be available.

Now you have selected these settings, you should be able to use both 4K and HDR in the same display.

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