Hannelore Pop Up Sockets Review

Last Updated July 5, 2022 in Kitchen Reviews

The Quick Verdict

This is most definitely the best device I have ever purchased, it’s inexpensive and solves the problem of unattractive plug sockets and the lack of accessibility to wall sockets.  

A fantastic product, every kitchen with an island shouldn’t be without one.
Overall Rating: 
4.5/5 stars




  • No unsightly plugs
  • Safe and neat solution
  • Out of reach of children
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • 4 AC outlets great for multi use
  • USB A & B Connector
  • Automatic pop up


  • Wireless charge isn’t the quickest
  • No USB C socket

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Hannelore - Pop up Socket

This automatic pop up socket is a fantastic device. It is very easy to use and extremely well designed. The automatic pop up has a smooth and effortless one touch function. 

The wireless charging is a great advantage to have, even though it's not the quickest, it’s good to have as an alternative if your other sockets are in use. 

The wireless charging is only 10w which means it takes a little longer to charge them using the USB ports. Luckily for you there are also 2 USB ports, if you don’t want to wait.

This device is perfect for a kitchen with an island, you can charge your phone whilst entertaining friends, use the plug sockets for your cocktail maker, even whip up a cake in a mixer if you are feeling adventurous, all this without moving one foot away from your guests. 

This is the most used plug socket in my house and I wouldn’t be without it.

Design and Features of the Hannelore - Pop up Sockets

  • 4 AC outlets - perfect for multi tasking 
  • 2 USB 
  • RJ45 Port - 
  • HDMI Port - For office and home
  • Wireless Charging 
  • Automatic one touch pop up
Hannelore pop up socket

The Hannelore automatic pop up socket is a great socket for any kitchen or office space, a fantastic device to have close to your hob, no more moving hot pans to plug sockets to blend your soups and sauces, all the preparing, cooking and finishing touches can now be done in one place. The socket can then be pushed down and hidden away.

How to Clean a Hannelore Automatic Pop up Plug Socket 

The Hannelore automatic pop up socket is not waterproof internally.

Similar to any other socket, care is required when cleaning this product. 

  • Avoid spraying cleaning products directly on the socket when it is open or closed. 
  • Avoid having your pop up socket installed near your sink area.   

I find cleaning with a damp microfiber cloth is sufficient enough for this product without the need for harsh cleaning products.

Hannelore Pop up Socket flat to surface

Specifications of the Hannelore - Pop up Plug Socket 




  • 4 AC outlets 
  • 2 USB 
  • RJ45 Port - 
  • HDMI Port - For office and home
  • Wireless Charging 
  • Automatic one touch pop up


12 x 12 x 24

Guarantee Period

12 months

How much cupboard space do I need for a Pop up Socket?

You will need space directly below the socket. The overall height of this device is 24 cm.

The pop up height from the surface is 8.75cm. 

Cupboard Space need for pop up socket
Pop up socket - popped up

A Quick Overview of the Hannelore Pop up Plug Socket 

If you are looking for a quick fix for all your electrical needs on a kitchen island then this is the product for you.

With its wireless charging capability, 4 socket AC outlets and automatic one touch pop up, you will definitely not be disappointed. 

No more running around your house on a hunt for a charger or burning your hands moving pans to wall plug sockets, everything is by your side with just one little push of a button.

My rating of 4.5 out of 5 was given for this pop up socket after purchasing this for my island after a kitchen renovation, it’s one of the best decisions I made.

FAQs about the Hannelore Pop up Plug Socket 

What is an Automatic pop up Socket?

An automatic pop up socket is a device that is hidden in your kitchen worktops or office desk, it is designed for easy accessibility and keeps everything in one place.

What is a surge Protector Power Strip?

A surge protector is a form of power strip which is designed to resist a power surge which could essentially damage your electronics.

How does Wireless Charging work? 

Wireless charging allows you to charge your device on a surface rather than the alternative method of a plug. This works by transferring energy from the charger to the gadget through an electromagnetic field.  

Simply place your smartphone on the charging pad and your device will charge.

Is wireless charging safe?

On the contrary to people's belief wireless charging is safe. This  doesn’t affect the battery life of your device. Whilst wireless charging is safe, it's not recommended to charge your phone for long periods of time.  To maximise the efficiency keeping your battery charge between 60% and 80% could essentially help with the battery life.

Do I need a pop up socket if I have a kitchen island?

If you entertain guests around your island it’s a great idea to have a pop up socket, you can make cocktails, play your speaker all without moving from your island space. This can also be used as a great work station for the work from home days, with all your electrical points in one place.

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