What is Samsung’s PQI Technology?

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What does PQI mean?

The picture quality index (or PQI for short) is a rating system that allows us to differentiate between Samsung’s 2015 and 2016 superb range of TVs.

Whilst we know that any Samsung TV will provide you with a stunning picture, there are, of course, differing levels of quality within the range.

What is Samsung's PQI Technology?

100 to 2700 PQI

The rating system itself ranges from a bottom-of-the-scale PQI rating of 100, right the way up to a PQI rating of 2700. It is important to re-emphasize that the lowest rating on the scale is not indicative of a bad picture, it is merely the lowest PQI rating of the Samsung range.

Deciding factors

There are a number of factors that go into deciding the rating of a particular Samsung TV. The tech spec of each individual unit will vary and result in a different grading of picture quality.

So, let’s have a look at what these factors are.

Resolution – Your TV will either have HD, Full HD, 4K Ultra HD or 4K Ultra HD HDR spec. Samsung’s amazing upscaling technology will make the most of any picture for your television, whatever rating it has.

Colour – Samsung’s proprietary color technology includes Purcolour along with Quantom Dot displays. There is a difference between the two, but both will deliver realistic and jaw-dropping color.

Brightness & Contrast

What is Samsung's PQI Technology?

The higher up the scale you go, you will see subtle differences in the truest blacks and the whitest whites. The sharpness in the darkest shadowy scenes in movies will be where you will notice the real difference in quality.


The higher-rated TVs on the scale will produce higher frames per second rate and will bring fast action scenes even more to life, providing smooth, judder-free viewing.

Noise reduction

The level of noise reduction is also a factor in the PQI rating. This is however, nothing to do with the audio output of your TV. The ‘noise’ we are talking about refers to the level of unnecessary light and dark color, which when removed will leave you with stunning true-to-life colors. Noise-reducing spec includes Samsung’s own Clean View technology.


Throughout the mid to upper range of Samsung’s 2015 & 2016 TVs including their Quantum TVs, you will find curved screens that ‘pull’ you into an immersive viewing experience as the side edges are closer to the viewer than the middle of the screen. Whether or not the TV has this, will affect its PQI rating.

Pop in and see us

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