Bosch WAT28460GB Washing Machine Review

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Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Blog

Today we are reviewing the Bosch WAT28460GB Washer. This Bosch washing machine comes in a clean white design and is packed full of extra goodies to deliver you perfect washing every time.

Ideally suited to home life this machine has a been designed by the people of Bosch to save you time and money. Lets start with the AntiVibration Technology. The large swirls on the side of the machine are not just there to look pretty, they work to reduce noise and vibrations during the spin cycle to make the machine even more stable.

Bosch washer displayed with Which Award 2014

With a large 8kg capacity the Bosch WAT28460GB Washer can literally handle anything you throw at it. An 8kg capacity is equivalent to over 30 adult size T-Shirts, this means you can cut down on the number of loads you need to run. In addition to saving money less laundry is always a bonus. The generous porthole door opens to 165° giving you plenty of room to load and unload the washer with ease. Inside the washer is the SoftSurge drum. This features a raindrop pattern to give you superb cleaning time after time. Combine this with the uniquely shaped drum and this washer gives you excellent power and gentle washing all at the same time, delivering the best clean possible.

As is to be expected of a Bosch washer the WAT28460GB features and easy to use dial and a clear LED display. All programmes are clearly labeled and simple to navigate meaning you can always find what you are looking for.

With a whopping 15 programmes to choose from this machine will have you spoilt for choice. One fantastic programme is the AllergyPlus wash. This wash will remove all allergens from your clothes making it ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Karl from Bosch showing how much energy you will save

The key feature of the Bosch WAT28460GB is VarioPerfect technology which means you have total flexibility with your washing. This machine can either take 65% less time or use 30% less energy to give you wash perfection every time. In addition to this the WAT28460GB has received a A+++ -30% energy rating meaning that it is 30% more effective than the highest energy rating, saving you more money.

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