Bosch WVH28360GB Washing Dryer Review

Bosch Washer Dryer

Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Blog

Today we are looking at the Bosch WVH28360GB Washer dryer. As the name suggests this machine can not only wash your clothing but also dry your clothing too. All the moisture from the machine is deposited through the standard waste pipe, so there is no need to vent externally or extract the water from a tank.

Not only does this machine look fantastic it has some really intelligent features. On the side of the machine, it has a spiral design. This is used to reduce the noise and vibrations down to a minimum when washing & dying your clothes.

Bosch Washer Dryer

The Bosch WVH28360GB has a large seven-kilogram wash drum and four-kilogram dry capacity. You can wash up to twenty large adult t-shirts all in go and dry twelve. This means that there shouldn’t be a need to use the machine every day and thus cutting down on electricity.

The door handle has a large lever which makes opening the machine effortless. The door hinge shares the same industrial quality, like other German brands. The hinge opens to 165 degrees providing ample accessibility for loading and unloading garments.

Inside the drum there is a raindrop motif imprinted onto the drop and really large soft plastic paddles. The paddles help to move heavy objects around in the drum, while at the same time the imprint helps to look after your clothing.

If you have used a Bosch laundry appliance before then you’ll feel immediately at home with the WVH28360GB washer dryer. A large LED display area and central dial provide a full and clean view of all the settings.

The LED column and associate button option utilizes a great little feature called Sensor Dry. Selecting a Sensor Dry mode will tell the tumble dryer to detect the moisture levels left in the garments. From this, the unit will switch off at the selected drying mode saving money and saving the garments from unnecessary wear and tear.

The machine comes with a super fast 15-minute wash for those in a hurry, or if you have a small amount of washing that you need fast. They key feature to this machine is the eco perfect function which can save more than 20% in energy on your wash. And lets be honest if we like it or not energy bills are only going one way, up.

Our handy tip. If you need to use both the wash & dry functions then wash only four kilos. The Bosch WVH28360GB has a great feature where it is will adjust the power and water requirements based on wash weight. Therefore you can ensure you get the maximum potential out of the washing, drying and efficiency requriements.

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