Top 4 Kitchen Space Saving Gadgets

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Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Buyers Guide, Kitchen

Kitchens can be one of the main rooms used in the house after the living room, and because of this, it can easily become overloaded. 

If it isn’t thought through well, it can easily become clustered, especially if the kitchen was already small to begin with. 

How do you fit appliances in a small kitchen?

Appliances, before fitted into the kitchen, are marked up into a drawn-up floor plan. A floor plan is highly useful for any room within the house or any other building, but especially when it comes to maximizing floor space in a small kitchen. 

There are a few things that need to be considered with certain appliances, for instance the fridge, as it needs to be 2 inches away from any walls and also the oven or gas cooker, as it will need to be hooked up to the mains. 

How can I save space in my kitchen?

A few cheap methods of creating extra gaps of space are purchasing things like hooks to put mugs on or using a cutlery tray. In doing this, it allows for more cupboard space for any other food or some smaller kitchen appliances.    

Instead of saving space, you can make it. One of the draws within your kitchen could be turned into a slide-out worktop, adding extra room for those busy days in the kitchen. 

Maximize the space around certain appliances. For instance, if above your microwave there is free space, purchase small shelving units to add extra space. 

Top space-saving accessories for small kitchens

1. Stackable sets of kitchen equipment

A great way to save space is to purchase cooking and baking utilities, like pans and mixing bowls, in sets.

2. Extendable shelving 

When it comes to space around the sink, cleaning equipment like sponges, cloths, sprays and other kitchen cleaning products takes up large amounts. The space here could be saved with an extendable shelf underneath or around the sink area. 

3. Stemware racks

A lot of households decide to use a cupboard for most of their glasses, including wine glasses and champagne flutes. 

With glasses that have stems, they can be put away on a fitted stemware rack. These racks also give off a modern, professional and stylish look to your kitchen. 

4. Over-sink chopping board

A great appliance to save space and time in the kitchen is a chopping board which is able to slide over the sink, allowing you to quickly rinse and chop at the same time, easily removing unwanted parts.

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