Vacuum Cleaner Hacks you Need to Know

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Last Updated September 12, 2022 in How To, How to Clean

From working to enjoying your social life, cleaning the house is the last thing you want to be doing, but it has to be done. 

These hacks may help you to save time on the cleaning duties around the house and decrease the amount of effort it takes to clean.

Making a vacuum cleaner suction better

Over time through usage, a vacuum suction may decrease in power, but there are little tricks you can do to get it running back to its former self. 

The first thing to do is to empty the contents bag and then check the settings on the vacuum to ensure that it is being used on the correct floor type.

Make sure the vacuum is clean and that there are no straggling bits of debris which are blocking parts or the suction tubes, as this will decrease the amount of overall suction the vacuum is able to produce. 

The filters of the vacuum may be clogged up, meaning it’s time to change them. Simply purchase and install new filters and your vacuum should be running smoothly again.

If you do all this and the power of the suction does not change, then check the vacuum for air leaks. If an air leak is found, it can be patched up, but it is better advised just to purchase a new vacuum. 

How to best empty a vacuum cleaner

The best way to empty your vacuum cleaner is to empty the vacuum bag before it becomes overfilled. 

If the bag is overfilled before emptying, then dust is very likely to be released back into the room you have just vacuumed. 

When using a bagless vacuum, it can be a good habit to bin all picked up dust and debris after every use so that the suction over time is less affected.  

How can I make my house smell good when vacuuming?

One way to keep your carpets and vacuum smelling fresh is by using baking soda. Sprinkling a few tablespoons of the stuff onto the floor and carpet, and then vacuum it up. 

If you own a vacuum that has disposable bags within, you can purchase scented powders to use. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use them. 

To remove initial odors, make sure that you are regularly washing the interior of the vacuum bag and also the exterior, as these will pick up odors from what you are hoovering. 

Top vacuum cleaners for 2022

When it comes to vacuuming, the best vacuum for your house depends on your circumstances; whether there are pets within the household, if it is mostly carpet, mostly hard floor or a mix of both. To help in making this decision, we’ve created a list of a few of the best vacuums out there. 

Shark Anti-Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum

One of the best upright vacuums all in all is the Shark Anti-Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum. When tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute, it picked up 90% of the dirt in one move.

The vacuum is great with pet hair, leaves no tangles and doesn’t blow dust around the room. 

Hoover H-Free Cordless

Cleaning the house with cords attached can be a hassle, you may keep getting them jammed, having to whip them around in order to move the vacuum or not being able to get into every crevice. 

With the new state of the art cordless ranges, you can have the house cleaned twice over with some of the new cordless vacuums having 60 minute run times. They do come at a hefty price, but for a cheaper option, you can purchase a Hoover H-Free Cordless. 

Shark WV200UK Cordless Vacuum

Sometimes all you need is a quick easy run-round of all the harder to get to places with the bigger vacuums, even if they are cordless. Instead, you can get a handheld, lightweight vacuum.

The handheld WV200UK cordless vacuum cleaner is perfect for getting to those nooks and crannies. Its neat and sleek design can help you stylishly and efficiently clean your home. 

The high-efficiency motor can give you 8 minutes of run time. The effortless debris disposal makes sure there isn’t any release of dust and debris after use.

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