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Use this guide below to keep your prolong the life of your LED & OLED television.

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 Firmware & Software Updates – With the advances in technology televisions will periodically need firmware and software updates to improve your user experience. Most updates are now sent via an internet connection. The best way to ensure your television is up to date is to leave the television in standby overnight. Updates are usually pushed out by manufacturers overnight. When an update is available to be installed you will receive a notification when switching the television on.

Screen Cleaning

Dust and fingerprints can easily build up on a screen. Most televisions feature LCD or OLED TVs and do not have a glass front to protect the panel. These require dedicated cleaning gels and not household polish and glass cleaner solutions. Some kits include a 3 stage cleaning process to reduce how quickly dust returns.

The best time to clean a television is first thing in the morning when switched off as it will be completely cold. The recommended process is first to lightly brush the existing dust on the screen with an anti-static brush. Follow this up by lightly spraying two or three of your cleaning solution about half a meter away from the screen to ensure even coverage. Then using a microfibre cleaning cloth clean the screen until every area is covered and all moisture is switched off. Ensure that you do not switch the television on until all moisture has been removed from the screen.

Eco Power Modes

Most televisions now have an Eco mode to ensure that the television runs optimally in terms of picture quality against the power usage it consumes. One of the Eco settings on the television is the auto-shut down mode which typically switches of the television after 4 hours of use. This is a handy feature to have switched on, should you ever forget to switch the TV on when your out.

If you find you regularly utilize the television for stretches of more than 4 hours then you may consider switching this auto-shut down mode off. Each television Eco functions are slightly different. If you look for Eco Mode in your user manual you should fine further instructions.

New channel number changes occur at various points throughout the year and you may need a retune your television. Unlike big retune points such as the digital switchover you may not receive a notification from the broadcaster. Should you find a channel missing then firstly run the auto retune. Once you completed this you may find that the channel re-appears on a new channel number. Some older televisions are known to require a full reset to clear off older unused channel numbers and display the correct channel numbers for the new channels.

Cupboards & Cabinets

Televisions are now slimmer and run much cooler than their ancestors. However they still require adequate ventilation to ensure they do not overheat. If you plan to put the televisions in an enclosed cabinet or cupboard then ensure that when you measure you leave at least 2 – 4 inches gap to allow for ventilation.

We hope you found this guide useful. If you have anymore questions on how to look after your television please contact a member of our team at our store or online chat service.

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