Review: Samsung JU6800 UHD Nano Crystal TV

Review: Samsung JU6800 UHD Nano Crystal TV

Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Samsung

Review: Samsung JU6800 UHD Nano Crystal TV

Samsung JU6800 4K UHD TVs, Tipped as ‘hot’ for Christmas

As the weather is getting colder (sadly) and the nights are starting to draw in, what you need is one of this Christmas’ ‘hot’ properties, a Samsung Nano Crystal 4K UHD TV to warm your cockles and put a smile on your face.

This hot property takes the form of the Samsung JU6800, available in a 55″ UE55JU6800 or 60″ UE60JU6800 screen, and both are available for under ¬£1,000 and ¬£1,500 respectively. A very good price point for a TV with so much going on inside.

Review: Samsung JU6800 UHD Nano Crystal TV

You may think ‚Äúwell, it sounds ok, but what’s hot about it?”. 

Well, aside from being a 4K UHD TV with elegant thin bezel styling and a quad-core processor, the JU6800 has NanoCrystal technology inside, which in terms of color, is as good as it gets in 2015.

Amazing Nano Crystal

At Simply Electricals, we know TVs and we are tipping Samsung’s amazing NanoCrystal TV color to be the hot ticket in the coming months.

NanoCrystal is something to behold. This technology produces a wider color gamut which equates to a 20% improvement on standard Ultra High Definition.

Other spec includes:

UHD upscaling – Clever software makes everything played on your TV optimized to UHD or near UHD quality whether you’re watching broadcast TV, streaming content or a BluRay disc.

SmartHub Menus – Samsung’s proprietary menu system makes using all the features and apps on your smart TV easy, painless and intuitive.

Inbuilt Freeview HD receiver – No need for messy wires, with broadcast and catchup TV services available and accessible through the Samsung JU6800 menu system.

Review: Samsung JU6800 UHD Nano Crystal TV


NanoCrystal color is Samsung’s equivalent of Sony’s Quantum Dot technology and it really does deliver the goods. Sure, this TV doesn’t have the ‘trendy’ curved screen styling, but it still offers amazing viewing.

The Samsung Colour Challenge

If you’re still not sure, then pop into either our Rawtenstall or Bolton stores and enter into Samsung’s ‘Celebration of Color‘ prize draw with a chance to win ¬£1,500 per week.

Whilst you’re there, as part of the challenge you will get to compare the difference between standard UHD and Nano Crystal color. See it for yourself and we won’t have to say another word on the matter. We know you’ll be sold on it.

Note: Full Model Numbers are: UE55JU6800KXXU & UE60JU6800KXXU

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