Review: Siemens WT45W290GB Condenser Dryer

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Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Blog

The Siemens ExtraKlasse WT45W290GB Condenser Dryer

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Recently, Siemens launched their ‘ExtraKlasse’ range of kitchen appliances to mark the 25th anniversary of Euronics’ coming into being. At Simply Electricals, we believe the Extraklasse range maintains Siemens’ reputation for producing white goods meeting the very highest standards.

Today we look at one of that range, the WT45W290GB condenser dryer and what it could do for you.


Traditional tumble-dryers lose a lot of heat whilst in use, due to the fact that the exhaust pipe has to be hung out of the window. This Siemens appliance is what is known as a ‘condenser-dryer’. A term you may already be familiar with, but perhaps not its meaning. A condenser-dryer, rather than expelling all the hot air, recycles it using a clever ‘heat pump’. This is one of several reasons that this appliance has been awarded an A++ efficiency rating.

Flexible placement

As a result of not having an external pipe that must reach a window to do its job, the WT45W290GB can be placed pretty much anywhere. Excess water from the clothes simply collects in a compartment that can be easily emptied and replaced. Perfect for those with a more restricted kitchen space.

Large Load

Another efficiency feature is its 8kg load capacity. A dryer that can handle ‘family-sized’ loads will result in fewer cycles and ultimately more money in your pocket. Add into the equation its 15 programmes to suit any type of clothes, such as ‚Äúwoollens”, ‚ÄúRapid 40″ and ‚ÄúShirts 15″, to name but 3, and you can be sure that you’re not wasting energy by using inappropriate cycles.

To top it all off, this appliance is ‘self-cleaning’, so is very low maintenance and can save you over ¬£250 during the five year guarantee period.

Other Features

With an appliance laden with this many features, it would be easy to forget one or two, but others included are:

A 24 Hour Timer – For you to accurately set your appliance to activate when it’s most suitable for you e.g. to take advantage of Off-Peak energy tariffs

Interior Drum Light – An errant sock can be easily missed without help, and this model has an light that makes sure nothing is left behind

End of Cycle Buzzer – We all have busy lives and it’s easy to get distracted, so it’s buzzer can let you know the instant the cycle has finished

These may be seen as ‘less important’ features, but they all go into making the Siemens WT45W290GB condenser dryer a choice pick for anyone looking to replace an old appliance or reduce their energy bills.

Free Delivery

To make things easier for all our customers, standard delivery comes free of charge, as does recycling of your old appliance.

5 Year Guarantee

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Siemens are so sure of this kitchen appliance, that it comes with a 5 year parts and labour guarantee. Piece of mind, I think you’ll agree.

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