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Sony SRS X88 Portable Bluetooth Speaker ¬£50 Qobuz Offer 

At a price point in the region of ¬£350, you want to know that a speaker delivers value for money and the experts at Simply Electricals rate the Sony SRS-X88 very highly.  Image title

Substance Over Style

At first glance, it’s rather unassuming appearance doesn’t shout extravagance as it has an entirely black outer. Black brushed metal on the sides, black plastic at the back, a removable black metal mesh on the front and black glass on the top housing touch sensitive controls.

For all intents and purposes, it looks like a well made large rectangular black box. So, although not unattractive, looks are not its strong point…and here’s a few reasons why‚ĶImage title

  1. The SRS-X88 is compatible with a large range of audio formats. WMA, AIFF, ALAC, WAV, FLAC, MP3 and DSD are all supported. If this speaker doesn’t play it…you don’t want it!
  2. Aside from the included remote control (which looks more like a TV remote than the more usual credit card sized ones), it is possible to control the X88 via a smartphone app called SongPal, which works on both iOS and Android.
  3. Multi-connectors make this device one of the most compatible around as it includes 2 USB ports, mini jacks and an ethernet port. Not to mention its in-built Wifi connectivity which provides access to streaming platforms such as AirPlay.
  4. Compatibility is not its only strongpoint. Sound quality is of a premium level also with a clear and defined midrange output and pleasing meaty bass. This sound is driven by two 20mm tweeters, two 40mm midrange speakers and a single 70mm sub woofer. Playing Sony’s DSD format through these speakers offers ‘near high-res’ audio. Superior to that produced from a CD. All these components add up to a total 90 Watt output.


We are on the fringes of ‚Äúnit-picking” here, but the glass upper on the SRSX88 looks great when lit up with whatever function has been activated. Cool and futuristic almost. You will have to keep a duster nearby however, as fingerprints to tend to get left behind when the controls are used.

Our advice would be to keep that duster in a drawer under the speaker or ensure your hands are grease free before using it. It’s a very minor point, but one you’ll soon discover after a day or so of use. (Some of us do like to polish our shiny audio equipment, so it’s not altogether a bad thing)

The Simply Verdict

You can do an awful lot worse than invest in the SRS-X88. Great audio, sleek in style and not at all badly priced. The clincher is its fantastic versatility.

For a demonstration or advice on this and all of our superb audio equipment, pop in and have a chat with one of our friendly Simply Electricals team. We’ve got all sorts of offers going on in our Bolton and Rawtenstall stores right now. You won’t get the pressure sales treatment and you could pick yourself up a bargain.

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