Samsung UE48JU7500 Ultra HD Curved LED TV Review

Samsung UE48JU7500 Ultra HD Curved LED TV Review

Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Samsung

Simply Electrical’s take on the Samsung UE48JU7500 4K TV

You might be forgiven for having your head turned recently by the new ‘all-singing all-dancing’ Samsung SUHD TV range and whilst we think that they should be rightly proud and vociferous about these technical wonders, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get an immersive curved TV with great picture quality by spending less and going for one from the ‘lower-rated’ UHD (ultra high definition) range.

Stunning Pictures

The UE48JU7500 is the highest-rated ‘non-SUHD’ curved TV and boasts an impressive list of spec, including a quad-core processor and Samsung’s intuitive Tizen-based Smart TV user interface. Despite being one of the smallest curved TV Samsung currently offer, it still has a whopping 48″ screen which is more than capable of producing images of jaw-dropping quality.

Samsung UE48JU7500 Ultra HD Curved LED TV Review

One thing that you do unfortunately lose is the future-proofing that comes along with the as yet unreleased High Dynamic Range facility.

Outer styling

The brushed-metal grey finish to the outer of this TV both makes it look stylish and modern and also helps the picture seem even more deep and immersive. It does this using a recessed shape which adds to the existing curvature of the screen.

It has a pedestal stand that can’t be swiveled, but the light weight of the TV means that it is easily moveable.

Silent operation

This impressive television does not house any internal fans, so operation is truly silent. It may only be fine margins we are talking about, but it does mean that the audio output reaches the listener in its purest form. Immersive sound added to immersive pictures combine to provide a pretty faultless experience.


If there was a criticism (and it is a pretty minor one) the smaller size of this unit has meant that some of the connection sockets have had to be placed on the side. Another would be that the reduced tech in the One Connect Mini doesn’t have the longevity that the One Connect box has.

The verdict

Given the fact that the difference in cost between this model and the flagship UE65JS9500 model equals the cost of a nearly new car, you are obviously going to lose some gadget bits and bobs when you go for the JU7500.

Samsung UE48JU7500 Ultra HD Curved LED TV Review

However, what can’t be overlooked is that this is still an awesome TV and anyone stood in front of one saying that they wouldn’t have one might just be telling porkies. It produces pictures of striking clarity and depth of color and its 4 processors provide a very enjoyable and intuitive Smart TV user interface.

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