Samsung QLED V’s OLED – What’s the Difference

Samsung QLED V's OLED - What's the Difference

Last Updated September 12, 2022 in Samsung

Clash Of The Titans – QLED versus OLED

Time moves on, especially so in the technology world, and 2017 has seen no let up in this trend with the arrival of Samsung’s proprietary ‘QLED’ TV range.

Samsung QLED V's OLED - What's the Difference

The Korean manufacturer has just heralded 3 new flagship ranges for this year, namely the curved screen Q8 and the flat-screened Q7 & Q9, all of which contain the innovative QLED panel tech, HDR capability, 4K resolution and a fresh new ‘Q’ styling.

The Big Question‚ How does it Compare to OLED?

The established OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology, primarily used by LG, has been seen by many as the leader of the pack when it comes to getting the best results of High Dynamic Range (HDR) programming throughout 2016.

Samsung aims to surge ahead with its QLED (Quantum Dot light-emitting diode) TV ranges that beat the competition by producing unprecedented levels of brightness, around 50% more than anything seen before, even from OLED screens, which have historically struggled with its brightness production.

How does QLED compare to OLED?…rather well.

The Word From Samsung

The Korean TV giant has just proudly announced to the world its new QLED ranges, which boast a super thin LED screen, a new quantum dot panel pixel architecture and low reflective panel advancements. All of these deliver nit brightness levels of between 1500-2000, which allow these models to excel in color volume.

Elegant Styling

Samsung know that consumers are looking for TVs that don’t just ‘wow’ when they’re being watched, but also need look good in any room, even when they’re off.

Samsung QLED V's OLED - What's the Difference

Delivering ‘craftsmanship and art to the living room‘, Samsung’s ‘Q-style’ uses an amazingly thin bezel design combined with either a Gravity or Studio stand to produce models that just ooze elegance.Samsung QLED V's OLED - What's the Difference


Rather than follow the lead of other manufacturers that have housed all data connections hidden within the TV’s housing, Samsung have maintained their faith in the ‘One Connect’ box concept that has served them well for a number of years.

What else?

Cross-compatibility and usability with mobile devices and games consoles have been a big focus for the Korean manufacturer for 2017. Samsung’s ‘Smartview’ App allows more features and functions to be used than have ever been possible.  If there’s a function on the market, you can bet that these models can cater for it.

Details to Follow

We like to keep our customers in the loop and we will continue to give you updates and opinions on the QLED ranges, just as soon as we get our hands on them.

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