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Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Samsung

360 Degree Sound from the Amazing R1 Speaker

At Simply Electricals, we love new wave technology, and in this instance we turn our gaze to the Samsung R1 Wireless Audio 360 degree speaker.Image title

Created by their world famous ‚Äúaudio lab”, made up of the leading minds in audio technology, this speaker not only delivers jaw-dropping sound that engulfs the listener, but has an intuitive design and great multi-room capability packed into one device.

Omnidirectional sound v Directional sound

As we are currently showing customers visiting our Rawtenstall and Bolton stores in our ‚ÄúCelebration in Colour & Sound” prize draw event (in which you can win up to ¬£1,500 each week just for coming in and experiencing a demo), 360 degree sound is a whole new way to experience audio of all types.Image title

Rather than having to sit within a conventional speaker’s ‚Äúsweet spot” to get the best audio, you can be anywhere in the room and get the same amazing effect.

R1 WAM1500 Speaker specifications

The R1 is the smallest of the Samsung R series range with a 3.6 inch woofer, but don’t worry, this beauty still packs a punch. Image title

To wax lyrical about the sound produced would perhaps be a fool’s errand as it needs to be experienced to really get how great they are.

However, we can get across the intuitive controls and multi functional capabilities the R1 WAM1500 has:

Effortless Control – Look at an R1 speaker in person and you will see an elegant and minimalist design that would suit any room in any house. Look even closer at the top and you would be forgiven for wondering where the controls are.Image title

The truth is that the R1 has effortless ‚Äúswipe & tap” controls that can adjust various functions such as volume and track selection.

Multi-Room Magic – You can of course use your R1 speaker on its own in just your living room and experience all the best it offers from music and movies, but it can do much more.Image title

By using multiple speakers in rooms around the house, you can create a ‚Äúdaisy chain” throughout your house, meaning your music or audio follows you wherever you go. All you need to do is download the multiroom app on your smartphone or tablet and follow the easy steps.

There is much much more to this audio wonder than meets the eye and we’d love to give you more than just a list of specifications to whet your appetite.

Why not pop into either our Bolton or Rawtenstall stores and one of our friendly experts can give you a ‚Äútest drive”. And you never know…you could win a nice wad of cash just in time for Christmas in our Samsung Prize Draw.

Hope to see you soon!

Note: Samsung R1 Wireless 360 Audio may also be referred to as the Samsung R1 WAM1500 or Samsung WAM1500

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