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Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Samsung

Sharing and Casting with Samsung Smart View

If we talk about ‘blurred lines’, you may initially think about a big pop music hit from last year from a certain Mr Thicke, but in this instance we are talking about the blurred lines that now exist between Samsung Smart TVs and Samsung mobile devices.

Samsung Smart TV Casting to TV

Content Sharing

Capturing photos, music and videos on your mobile has been possible for a number of years, but the ability to instantly share them through your TV is still a new concept. This new concept however is made to seem like child’s play using Samsung’s Smart View technology.


Samsung’s leading edge televisions are now able to sense your mobile in the room and prompt synchronization with that device at a simple touch of a button. Your average consumer will use facilities like this regularly if it’s easy and intuitive. This process could hardly be easier thanks to its smart design.


We all know that platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and YouTube offer huge amounts of content through TVs and mobile devices, but it hasn’t always been easy to move between devices if say, you suddenly find the living room TV free and available. Sharing content and apps to your Samsung SUHD or HD TV has now been condensed down to a ‘flick’ of a finger from your Samsung Galaxy or tablet in the general direction of your TV. Whatever is displayed on your mobile device will instantly then start playing on the big screen.

Samsung Smart TV platform

Again, simplicity of use means this is a feature that get used and used often. A real neat trick from this amazing range of Samsung tech.

Lost your remote control?

There isn’t a household in the country that hasn’t heard the conversation beginning ‚Äúhave you seen the remote?” and there are times when it isn’t found. Fear not, because another feature allows you to use your mobile device as a remote control. A handy alternative until the lost remote turns up.

Varied platforms

The nice people at Samsung have made sure that you don’t necessarily have to have one of their mobile phones or tablets to use this feature. These great features are now available to android devices, iOS mobile and windows PCs.

So what do we think? There are multiple reasons and ‘wow’ moments that you encounter when shown a demo of Samsung’s wonderous SUHD & HD TVs and Smart View 2.0 is just one in a long list of features that may just blow your socks off.

If you are looking for unsurpassed picture quality, immersive viewing and innovative features like this, then investing in a Samsung UE65JS9500 or any of their other high def televisions is a smart move.

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