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Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Samsung

In The Past

Rewind just a matter of 20 years or so and we, as the viewing public would have to ‘set’ the VHS to record a film or program we wanted to watch. So poor was our ability to get to watch what we wanted to see, that we would have to pore through the TV times with a pen to circling programs and films we didn’t want to miss.

Present Day

Now, things could not be more different. What might have seemed like science fiction in the not too distant past is here now and is already helping viewers organize themselves and their TV watching habits.

Samsung Smart & Tailored Content

Whilst still watching live TV, you can browse through smart content, featured content, your viewing history, and a whole lot more. This can all be done using Samsung’s innovative Smart Hub technology, which can be accessed through an intuitive sliding menu interface at the bottom of their current HD and SUHD LED TV range.


Planning your TV schedule is just a small part of what the Smart Hub can do as it also allows you to manage all of your multi-media, games, and apps on the same menu system. Connect this tech to your Samsung Galaxy phone and you can pretty much organize everything you do use this quick and user-friendly method.

Intelligent Searching

Want to add something you have spotted recently to your TV planner, but don’t know exactly what it’s called? Smart Hub helps you by offering an auto-complete search term capability and clever software that organizes your results based on what it thinks is most applicable. You will need to know a small part of the name of what you are searching for, but it certainly helps get you to what you want quickly and painlessly.

Streaming platforms

Samsung Smart & Tailored Content

There are a growing number of streaming companies available as we head into the warmer months of 2015, such as Netflix, Amazon and BBC iPlayer to name a few. All these apps are accessible through your Smart Hub and for a small monthly fee, you can access literally hundreds of films and box sets to enjoy at your leisure. Anyone of a certain age will tell you how amazing this technology is, especially compared to waiting for ‘the’ copy of a new film to become available at your local video store. We are truly living in the land of science and fact.

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