Samsung UE65JS9000 SUHD TV Review

Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Samsung

Samsung UE65JS9000 SUHD TV in Colour

So, you’ve decided to invest in a stylish and ground-breaking Samsung UE65JS9000 SUHD TV. At just a smidge under ¬£4,000, you’ll be wanting to know exactly what you’re going to be getting for your money.

Amazing Colour

All models in this incredible range of TVs have unparalleled color expression because of their 10 bit Panel technology. We can wax lyrical about color palettes and associated superlatives, but what does it actually mean in real terms?

Samsung UE65JS9000 SUHD TV Review

Compared with a regular UHD LED TV which runs on 8 bit equipment, you are going to get four times the amount of shades for each color. We’re talking 1024 shades versus 256. What that is going to do for you is present a picture with an amazing depth, and quality that’s sure to make an impact.

Samsung UE65JS9000 SUHD TV Review

Cinema Quality

For a reference point that most of us will relate to, we will use the picture experience you get when visiting a cinema. Up until recently, the best you could hope for would be a ‘Blu-Ray’ standard picture based on the Rec 709 color standard. The Samsung UE65JS9000 uses DCI P3 standard which is that used in cinemas around the country, because of it’s superior expression.

Samsung UE65JS9000 SUHD TV Review

What do you lose from the UE65JS9500?

At a full ¬£2,000 cheaper than Samsung’s flagship model SUHD, you might wonder what you’re not getting by going for the less expensive TV. Whilst still presenting an astounding quality of the picture, there are three things that are missing from the costlier model;

1. Brightness

The primary difference is the brightness of picture. The JS9000 has edge lighting LEDs compared with ‘Backlit’ LEDs which are all over the screen instead of just at the edges.

2. Design

It must be said that both models are very stylish. The JS9500 has a new ‘chamfered’ metal Bezel design and the JS9000 has a ridged brushed metal design. On it’s own, probably not enough of a reason to spend the extra cash.

3. Built-in Camera 

More of a peripheral feature that supports face recognition software, amongst others.


Ultimately, when placed next to each other, the JS9500 and the JS9000, there will be a discernable difference in terms of brightness, but that really is it if you’re not too fussed about the camera and the difference in casing.

If you invest in the cheaper version, you won’t feel short-changed, as it is every bit as striking. Of course, there will be those for which the extra features are important, but if that’s not you, then you will enjoy and cherish your JS9000 just as much and for years to come.

This television receives the Simply Electricals 5/5 status. Get more information and pricing below.

Finally we have our unboxing video of the Samsung UE65S9000 below:

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