Samsung UE65JS9500 SUHD TV In Detail


Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Samsung

UE65JS9500 Uncovered

All the noise being made in the world of cutting edge TVs right now is from the marvel that is the Samsung UE65JS9500 65 inch SUHD model. With its 4k Ultra HD curved screen picture, you get an amazing immersive visual experience every time you turn it on. This fantastic piece of equipment is also 3D enabled and its bezel design will dominate any room.


Samsung UE65JS9500 SUHD TV In Detail

Calling this TV High Definition doesn’t tell the whole story, as its definition is around 4 times that of a conventional HD TV. State of the art nanocrystal technology enhances details of color, contrast and sharpness to hitherto unseen levels.

Upscaled Content

This unit is so intelligent that it doesn’t need the best content to give you amazing picture quality. The tech inside upscales any content from a lower quality source and adjusts its settings to convert that picture to optimum levels.

Illuminated brilliance

Samsung UE65JS9500 SUHD TV In Detail

The tech inside doesn’t stop there either. Precision Black Pro and Peak Illuminator technologies contained within makes your colors brilliant and your blacks a truer black. Amazingly, efficient and intelligent.

Peak Illuminator tech uses the energy from unlit pixels to make the lit pixels brighter, meaning you can enjoy a brilliant picture without increasing the size of your carbon footprint.

Precision Black Pro tech conversely delivers the darkest of deep shades, producing dazzling sharpness of contrast alongside the purest whites available.

Curved Screen

Samsung UE65JS9500 SUHD TV In Detail

It wasn’t so long ago that a curved screen was old hat and that a flatter screen was the way forward. The difference now is that curved screen isn’t what it was. TVs used to be convex and ‘bulge’ out towards the viewer. Now they are concave and the result is a shorter distance between you and the corners of the screen, meaning you are ‘sucked into’ an immersive experience. You may feel literally surrounded by the movie you are watching.


Samsung UE65JS9500 SUHD TV In Detail

The Samsung UE65JS9500 SUHD TV is clearly at the leading edge of the technology curve in terms of televisions and their traditional uses e.g. watching TV and movies. Aside from that, this unit boasts all the smart features we have come to expect in this day and age;

A state of the art processor allows the user to experience the best available high speed gaming and internet browsing. Streaming providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are accessible via the JS9500, and this is only the beginning. This marketplace will grow and grow, especially now as the traditional ‘video shop’ enterprises have largely died out.

Whatever your motives for spending out on this incredible TV, you won’t be disappointed and as one of the most ‘futureproofed’ ever made, you will never feel like you are being left behind.

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