Samsung UE65JS9500 JS9500 SUHD LED TV Review

Samsung UE65JS9500 JS9500 SUHD LED TV Review

Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Samsung

Cutting Edge 4k Ultra TVs

The ink has hardly dried on the press releases for the latest 4K UHD televisions and we already have a new and improved feature to these amazing pieces of kit.

The King is Dead‚ ..Long live the King! 

You’ve bought your 4K UHD TV recently thinking that you simply can’t buy a TV with more features, but there is already an extra facility that if you don’t have, it means you could feel like you’re missing out.

The perpetual motion that is TV technology advancements has now produced another innovation that is simply a ‘must have’.

It comes in the form of the much-heralded High Dynamic Range (or HDR for short).

The principle

HDR in essence, is a method by which video is filmed, mastered and then put through a process that maximizes the luminance. The result of this practice is a much broader luminance range than normal video would give you.

Like many new advances in TV technology, it has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

No waiting. It’s already here!

Samsung UE65JS9500 JS9500 SUHD LED TV ReviewSamsung UE65JS9500 JS9500 SUHD LED TV Review

If you like the sound of it, then the great news is, this technology has already hit the shelves. Typically, from the announcement of a new innovation, you could expect to wait 3 to 4 years before it was able to bought. These products are here now and ready to buy!

Premium cost

At almost £6,000, buying a new Samsung 65-inch UE65JS9500 that has both 4K ultra and HDR playback is not a purchase for the faint-hearted, but is it worth it?

Breathtaking appearance

Samsung UE65JS9500 JS9500 SUHD LED TV ReviewSamsung UE65JS9500 JS9500 SUHD LED TV Review

This TV’s striking ‘curved’ design looks both futuristic and satisfyingly expensive to please even the harshest of judges.

Finished in chamfered metal and with a sleek Bezel design, it’s hard to see a point in the future when they would ever looked dated.

What’s inside?

The outward exterior aesthetics are only part of the story and the real magic is inside.

Connectivity – A distinct lack of external wires is achieved with Samsung’s patented ‘One Connect’ box. Indeed, why pay so much for such elegant style to have it ruined by tangled wires showing? One cable is all that’s currently needed to link your TV to everything via your One Connect box and its modular design allows upgrading to any future advancements in connectivity.


Samsung UE65JS9500 JS9500 SUHD LED TV Review

If you have a budget to cover it, then the Samsung UE65JS9500 will blow you away. The question seems to be whether at this point HDR technology is needed, as there doesn’t seem to be much content around to benefit from it.

The keyword here is future-proofing. With streaming giants like Netflix planning to release HDR content, it is only a matter of time before it is widely available.

Even if you opt for a high end TV from Samsung, it will have cinema quality colour and unprecedented brightness as a result of it’s nanocrystal displays and direct LED arrangement. And these models will still cost a pretty penny.

Is paying extra for HDR worth it on the UE65JS9500? In not too much time at all, we think that you may regret not going for it once the content on offer catches up.

This television receives the Simply Electricals 5/5 status. Get more information and pricing below.

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