Review: Siemens SN25M280GB Dishwasher Review

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Last Updated September 7, 2022 in Blog

If you are anything like us, you will hate cleaning the dishes. Everyone at Simply Electricals agrees the dishwasher is the greatest invention of the 20th century. The Siemens SN25M280GB Dishwasher will certainly fit the bill for all your dishwashing needs. The simple white design means this appliance would fit into any kitchen easily while the 14 place setting capacity mean it can cope with everyday life and more.

Inside this machine features the two standard baskets that you would expect from a dishwasher. However, Siemens have done away with the cutlery basket and instead added a third slimline drawer at the top of the machine. Now you can get your cutlery extra clean and wash more at the same time. The top basket is height adjustable allowing you to wash pots, pans and wine glasses all in one. This flexible layout means you can taylor the machine to suit your needs.

Review: Siemens SN25M280GB Dishwasher Review

The flexibility of this dishwasher doesn’t end there.. The 24 Hour time delay programme is great for when you are at work and want clean dishes when you get home, but don’t want the machine to sit on all day. The Intensive option is ideal for heavily soiled cookware that needs a deep clean.

While the quick setting is ideal for when you have a few items that need washing before the in-laws come round. The Siemens SN25M280GB Dishwasher has been given an A++ energy rating so it could defiantly save you money on your energy bills. Combine this with the Eco programme and you are really onto a winner. If you want to see this machine in action come into one of our branches in either Rawtenstall or Bolton.

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