Sony 55AF9 / 65AF9 Master Series OLED TV Launches

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Last Updated September 12, 2022 in Blog

At Simply Electricals, we love keeping our customers abreast of what’s hot and what’s not in the world of consumer electronics, which is why we just had to let you know about what Sony have planned in the near future.

September sees the release of this new flagship AF9 OLED television, which will sit at the very summit of Sony’s 2018 television offerings. The A9F is the model that will directly replace the A1 OLED model as Sony’s very best available and will be the envy of high end TV lovers everywhere.

The X1 Ultimate Processor

The A9F is capable of producing incredible pictures, given the fact that it houses the incredible X1 Ultimate processor, which supports both object based super resolution and object based HDR Remastering. Sony don’t place the label of ‘flagship’ to just any old TV, so you’ll know that it will have jaw dropping color and vivid imaging capabilities when it hits our stores next month.

Super Audio

As you would expect from a prestige TV, the audio it produces is very much ‘top drawer. Featuring Acoustic Surface Audio+, as it uses the screen itself to accurately transmit sound to the viewer, making it feel like the gunshot, voice or screeching tires of a movie car chase are coming from exactly where they are on the screen – not from a separate speaker.

The audio is so good that the A9F’s inbuilt audio output can also double as a center speaker for a home surround sound system, as it is described by Sony themselves as having ‘Professional Grade Monitors’.


With the explosion in 4K HDR content being produced on streaming platforms like Netflix, this highly impressive model enables the viewer to watch their programming just as the content makers intended. There is an easy to activate setting that permits viewers to calibrate contrast and color to the ideal settings with a touch of just one button. Nice and simple!

Available Sizes

The  A9F comes in either a 55″ or 65″ option, which are reported to be at the very zenith of performance when it comes to modern TVs, something that we will hopefully be able to confirm, once we have it unboxed and running at our Bolton showroom.

So, watch out for that blog when it comes out!

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