Tech Explained: 4K HDR Vs Ultra HD Premium

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Last Updated September 12, 2022 in Blog

The Great Debate – 4K HDR vs UHD HD Premium

At present, there are are two schools of thought when it comes to the new wave of Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV technology. On the one hand, there is the UHD Alliance who have created the UHD HD Premium Logo standard that aims to make choosing your UHD TV tech easier and on the other hand you have the Sony 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) logo system, that Sony feels more accurately represents their current range of televisions.

So…who’s right?

Well…at Simply Electricals in Bolton and Rawtenstall, we believe they both are.

Both systems have their merits for different reasons.

  1. The UHD HD Premium tag is a really good idea and has been created with you, the buying public in mind. It sets out to sift through jargon such as OLED, LED, LCD, 4K, HD, UHD, HDR and so on…and cut right to the chase, so that consumers can see at a glance what a TV does and doesn’t have.Image title
  2. The 4K HDR tag employed by Sony is also seen by the manufacturer as a labeling system that will make choosing and identifying technology in a TV more simple and less confusing. The reason Sony won’t be using the UHD HD Premium logo mentioned earlier, is that they have a good number of their existing range already meet all of the required UHD Alliance standards. However there are some of their 2016 models support 4K HDR, but don’t meet other requisite standards set by the UHD HD Premium tag.Image title

Sony understandably feel that those 4K HDR ready models that don’t meet all of the standards set by the UHD Alliance, get a rough deal by not getting the accreditation, as they are still amazing TVs that do support 4K HDR programming.

We’re here to help

Fortunately, Simply Electricals is on the case. Whichever manufacturer you go for, be it LG, Samsung or Sony, we are here to help you differentiate between the two standards and what they mean.

Our knowledgeable, friendly and unbiased team can get to the nub of what each customer’s needs are and find the ideal set for their home.

Some Sony models not carrying the UHD HD Premium tag, may indeed qualify for it, but it might not be evident at a glance.

That’s where we come in

Come into our store and have a chat with our guys and girls and you are guaranteed to leave with a super deal delivered with super service. We can make sense of the different labeling systems and tell you which are each manufacturer’s equivalent models.

The key can sometimes be seeing the models in question put through their paces, and we have all models available for demonstration.

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