Tech Explained: Are you purchasing True UHD or HD?

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Ensuring Your Purchase is True UHD

Look on the internet or at your local supermarket and you will see many offers for UHD TVs from various manufacturers at what seem like incredibly low prices. Though there may be some great deals out there, if you’re not careful, you could waste your money on a ‘Pseudo UHD’ which in truth, isn’t what it says on the tin.

Tech Explained: Are you purchasing True UHD or HD?

Does Your TV Meet Industry Standards?

At Simply Electricals in Rawtenstall and Bolton, we want our customers to get what they pay for. By that we mean, you need to know that if you think you’re paying for true UHD, then that’s what you need to be getting.

UHD Explained

Each picture any TV produces is made up of individual pixels and the more that your TV has of them, then the sharper and more detailed the pictures it will produce.

Looking at all the available formats, we see;

* Standard Definition 576 (vertical) x 720 (horizontal) pixels

* High Definition 720 x 1280 pixels 

* Full High Definition 1080 x 1920 pixels 

* True UHD Ultra High Definition 2160 x 3840 pixels

Tech Explained: Are you purchasing True UHD or HD?

What has been dubbed ‘Pseudo UHD’ are, in truth, upscaled 3K TVs that include a much increased amount of white pixels. Around 25% of the total are white and this has a distorting effect on pictures and big reduction in sharpness.

The brass tacks are that UHD TVs have 8.3 million Red, Green and Blue (RGB) pixels and Pseudo UHD only has 6.2 million, with the rest being made up of white pixels. This just isn’t UHD ‘compliant’ and the net result will be a diminished viewing experience.

‚ÄúHow do I know I’m buying True HD?”

Digital Europe is a body based in Belgium that maintains industry standards and their logo can be seen on any fully compliant UHD TV. The logo is a mark that says that the TV you are looking at, meets the minimum standards in terms of display capabilities, display engine, video interfaces and audio output. It’s a cliche that you get what you pay for and it’s true to say that applies to UHD TV purchases. Plump for what looks like a good deal from your supermarket without checking and you could soon realize that you’re not getting what you thought. Invest in your TV and it will pay you back with years and years of home entertainment.

At Simply Electricals, we are impartial and dedicated to getting you the right product. Our informed and friendly team know their stuff and can walk you through this UHD minefield and get you to your perfect purchase unscathed.

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