Tech Explained: Samsung Launch Wireless Audio 360


Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Samsung

Samsung Making Serious Sound Waves

Since creating its groundbreaking Audio Lab in 2014, bringing in the cream of digital sound expertise together under one roof, it has made great strides in advancing the technology.

Tech Explained: Samsung Launch Wireless Audio 360


Within 12 months, these audio experts have delivered and delivered big time in the form of their R Series speakers that transmit 360 degree sound to all corners of the room. This all-round audio means that the speakers have no exact ‘sweet spot’ where sound quality is at its best. On the contrary, there is little or no degradation in sound quality no matter where the listener is in relation to the speaker.


Gone are the days of obvious and ugly wires protruding out from behind your TV and audio equipment. These beauties are wireless and are the first true omnidirectional speakers thanks to their innovative ring radiator design.

Open one up and you will find roughly the same tech inside, such as woofers and tweeters, but that’s where the similarity with conventional speakers ends. 2 acoustic lenses inside help transmit your music and movie soundtracks to all areas of your house with little or no drop off in sound quality.

They’re not THAT much different to normal speakers are they?

Tech Explained: Samsung Launch Wireless Audio 360

Absolutely they are. The best analogy is comparing a torch with a light bulb. A torch represents conventional speakers that only transmit in one direction and have a limited effect depending on where it’s pointed. A light bulb (which would be the omnidirectional tech) bathes the room in light and provides true 360 degree sound.

67.1% of consumers listen to music whilst walking around the room

We all lead busy lives and music is often an accompaniment to other jobs around the house. Samsung’s brilliant multi-room app 2.0 means that you can enjoy seamless music transition from room to room and in and out of doors. It does this using its intuitive wheel-design control that makes choosing your audio effortless.

It even boasts a queueing function, meaning you don’t have to keep choosing your next track each time one ends.

Surround Sound

If you are looking for a revolutionary wireless surround sound solution, then all you need is 2 R Series 360 degree speakers. Make sure you are sitting down, because it will give an audio experience that is likely to bowl you over!

Where Can you Find Wireless Audio 360?

There is a full range of Samsung audio equipment that supports Wireless Audio 360. They include the R6 and R7 speakers, with more products due to launch later in the year.

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