Tech Explained: What is Samsung’s Nano Crystal?

Tech Explained: What is Samsung's Nano Crystal?

Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Samsung

What is Samsung’s Nano Crystal Technology?

Tech Explained: What is Samsung's Nano Crystal?

A buzzword in the home entertainment industry in 2015 is Nano Crystal technology. This advancement in colour reproduction has reset the bar in what to expect from a TV and sets itself apart from its competitors in this regard.

More Visible Colours

At Simply Electricals in Bolton and Rawtenstall, we love to demo our fantastic range of UHD TVs to our customers. It is the only way to get the full experience of what Nano Crystal offers. Failing that, we are tasked with conveying to you how much better this technology is in the written word. So here goes…

Conventional UHD reproduces 35% of colors visible to the human eye, using 17 million shades of color and an 8 bit panel.

Tech Explained: What is Samsung's Nano Crystal?Nano Crystal technology delivers significantly more in 54% of visible colors, as it uses DCI-P3 color, which is a format similar to that used in digital cinema. It does this on a 10 bit panel and utilizes over 1 billion color shades.

It’s only when you look at these figures, that you realize how much more you get from Nano Crystal. By accessing over 50 times more shades of color, a smoother graduation between colors is achieved, in turn delivering much more ‘true to life’ pictures.

The ‘Techy bit’

 Conventional UHD

screens have 3 layers to them, containing the front layer (which displays the pictures), an RGB layer containing the standard UHD colors and a phosphor-based backlighting layer.

Tech Explained: What is Samsung's Nano Crystal?

 Nano Crystal screens have 4 layers, which also contains the front layer and the RGB layer, but the difference lies in the ‘extra’ Nano Crystal layer and a ‘Blue’ backlighting layer. It is these differences that produce the wider color gamut and 250% greater brightness than its standard UHD relative.

Which TVs have it?

You could go for a Samsung JS9500 or JS9000 if you’re working with a larger budget and want all the whistles and bells that come with the very top spec for your money, but you still have access to Nano Crystal technology in models such as the JS8500, JS8000 and the JU6800, which are available at a fraction of the price.

Come and see for yourself!

As we mentioned before, we recommend that you come and see for yourself. A demonstration really brings everything to life. An extra incentive exists right now to do just that in the form Samsung’s ‘Celebration in Colour‘ prize draw that could net you ¬£1000 each week.

Tech Explained: What is Samsung's Nano Crystal?

Example Models: Samsung UE55JU6800, UE55JS8000, UE55JS8500, UE55JS9000, UE65JS9500

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