SUHD Spectacular Color Explained

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Last Updated September 13, 2022 in Blog

Samsung’s Spectacular Color

If you were to visit our stores to see one of our amazing range of Samsung SUHD TVs, one thing that will grab you right by the throat and demand your attention is the simply outstanding color expression they have.

What this does is maximize entirely the superior contrast, sharpness and style that Samsung’s latest range of televisual masterpieces have to offer and bring everything you watch on it into vivid ‘reach-out-and-touch-it’ reality.

Samsung SUHD TV

So, what’s going on inside?

The driving force behind this leap forward in television technology, is Nano Crystals combined with Blue LED back and edge lighting to bring the truest whites ever seen and an overall unsurpassed level of picture reproduction. This bit of kit puts conventional UHD LED TVs completely in the shade, particularly when it comes to color.

Cinemas can’t be wrong

The Cinema industry has for some time used DCI P3 color standard to bring a superlative viewing experience to its audiences and guess what‚Ķ.so do Samsung SUHD TVs. This means cinema quality color images in your living room, putting the preexisting REC-709 or Blu-Ray standard to shame. In addition to this (if this wasn’t enough), SUHD technology can analyze existing REC-709 and streamed content and make the necessary adjustments to bring the very best color out of it.

4x Colour Palette

Another feature that gives this range of TVs its unmatched color, is its much-expanded color palette. Previous 8-bit technology offered an impressive 256 shades of each color ‚ impressive however until you see that Samsung’s new 10-bit range boasts an incredible 1024 shades. 4 times the palette means 4 times the color, a much, much richer picture and a hugely improved and natural-looking color reproduction.

Talk is cheap

It would be easy to take our word for it and take it as read that these amazing televisions offer a color picture that most of you will never have seen before, but to truly ‘get’ it, you have to see one in person.

Just one word of warning though, we suggest you sit down before you see one or the color expression might just bowl you over.

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